Welcome to our Center!

Welcome to Health Center Amsterdamse Bos, the destination for high-quality healthcare in a modern and serene atmosphere. We aim to provide a pleasant experience in our state-of-the-art health center, specially designed to offer you a sense of space, tranquility, and comfort during your visit.

At Health Center Amsterdamse Bos, we believe in the power of a pleasant and relaxed environment as it contributes to your well-being. Therefore, we have designed our facilities with our visitors in mind, resulting in a modern and spacious center that welcomes you with open arms.

Our spacious and modern facilities

Our center boasts a total of 8 spacious dental treatment rooms, 2 physiotherapy treatment rooms, and 1 general practitioner’s room. Each room has been carefully designed to create a warm and homely atmosphere. We utilize plenty of natural light and specially selected materials for the décor, fostering a pleasant and welcoming environment. You will immediately feel at ease in our treatment rooms, where your comfort is our top priority.

Easy parking and easily accessible

We haven’t just considered the aesthetic aspect but also practical conveniences. You can park directly in front of the door, making your visit even more convenient. Furthermore, our center is excellently accessible, both for those in the immediate vicinity and for visitors from outside. Whether you come by car, bicycle, or public transportation, you’ll find that we are easily reachable.

At Health Center Amsterdamse Bos, we go beyond providing high-quality medical care; we offer you a complete experience focused on your well-being. We look forward to welcoming you to our modern and hospitable environment, where your health and comfort are our priorities.

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