Bodyscan: Understanding your health with the annual health check

In Japan, it is common to measure physical health annually with a comprehensive examination. At Health Center Amsterdamse Bos, we offer this annual check with our Bodyscan. It is specially designed for the Japanese community in the Netherlands and anyone striving for the healthiest possible life.

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    Why an annual health check?

    A healthy life begins with prevention and awareness. In Japan, the annual health check is a common practice that forms the foundation for good healthcare. This check-up is not only for people who already have health problems but for anyone who wants to gain insight into their physical health and work on it preventively.

    For whom is the health check intended?

    Our annual health check is primarily aimed at the Japanese community in the Netherlands but is open to anyone who takes their health seriously. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, active or less active. The Bodyscan is for everyone who values their health and aims for a long and vital life.

    What is examined?

    Our Bodyscan includes a comprehensive series of examinations and consultations that map your health and provide valuable information to maintain and improve your well-being. Our medical professionals will guide you throughout the entire process, providing personal attention and care.

    Components of the Bodyscan:

    Physical examination: A thorough physical examination with blood pressure measurement, heart rate measurement, and a general physical examination to detect any symptoms or risk factors.
    Blood test: A comprehensive blood test, including cholesterol, blood sugar, liver, and kidney function tests, to gain insight into your overall health and potential risks.
    Urine test: An analysis of your urine can indicate problems such as diabetes or kidney disease.
    Eye examination: Our specialists will check your eyes for any issues that may affect your vision.
    Lifestyle consultation: Discuss your daily habits and lifestyle with our experts to understand how they can affect your health.
    Nutritional advice: Receive advice on your diet and eating habits to optimize your health.
    Health education: We provide you with comprehensive information and guidelines to help you maintain and improve your health.

    Our Bodyscan is more than just a medical check; you gain knowledge and insight for sustainably improving your lifestyle and health. Invest in your health and schedule a Bodyscan appointment, taking the first step toward a vibrant and balanced life.

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